Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's time to say goodbye...

Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye to this blog....since we are no longer...'ONTO ALABAMA'...it's been an 'eventful' 10 months! Please change our blogsite to the former site: http://wacowilliamsfamily.blogspot.com/. We're back! Look for new posts coming very soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

We're back!! :) Time to catch up...

Well, we made it safely to Texas...but before I get to all of that, let me back up to when we first got to Memphis for our 2 week stint in Memphis and West Point, MS with our families before heading to Texas. Our new nephew, Logan Price Jones, was born on May 24, 2007...weighing in at 8lbs. 5 oz. We went to see him in the hospital and lots at home when he was getting used to 'his schedule.' He's so sweet and his big sister, Abby...is a big helper with him. Their birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart (May 24 & June 7) so we were there also to catch Abby's 3rd birthday party! Isn't she just precious! I will miss her the most and hate being so far away from her. She definitely has my heart. You know how the innocence of children just melts your heart? For instance, like when we are playing and out of the blue she says..."I love you E." I can only hope and pray our child is as sweet hearted and smart as she is.During our 2 weeks after moving from Alabama...we also made it to a good friend's wedding in Kosciusko, MS (birthplace of Oprah Winfrey). Congratulations Jim & Brittany! Jim is a childhood friend of Forrest's and then they both went to MSU and linked up with Forrest on the football team and Jim in the Famous Maroon Band. It was a beautiful, laid back wedding...and we got to have some quality time with some of our best friends from MSU, who now live in Memphis...Charlie & Candace (see pic). Of course, while passing the time on Saturday...Candace and I found 'Oprah Winfrey Road' and the first place she ever faced an audience...the picture of the little church. Oprah lived in Kosciusko until she was 6 years old...and now you know! :)
So on Friday, June 8, we trekked 11.5 hours in separate cars from Memphis to Waco. Wow, did that seem like a long drive! And if you've never tried it it's pretty challenging, especially the part of communicating with your husband to be in sight and not leave you in the dust. He was pretty good but frustrated with me for not using the cruise control more often! (ha). We've already enjoyed our time here. We slept hard on Friday night...and got up fairly early to meet 3 of Forrest's coaching buddies to unload the BIG ABF truck. Thanks so much to Kim, KJ, Shawn, and Brent for unpacking us in less than 2 hours!! Very impressive huh? We had forgotten how humid it is here compared to TN, MS, or AL. We stepped outside and it took my breath away...but you get used to it. And the sun here is not just hot...it's HOT... and it stings your skin. Sunblock here we come! Anyway...we enjoyed the rest of our Saturday doing our own thing. Forrest took a long nap and watched our MSU Bulldogs punch their ticket to the College World Series...then proceeded to go watch a movie with some of my BU coworkers (all female except him-ha). And I joined my Sunday School friends Katie (one of my best friends from Waco that moved to Midland, TX last summer who is due Sept. 8) & Brooke (due July 14'ish) for a nice lunch at Pei Wei (new to Waco!) Then I proceeded to get my eyebrows a quick wax...and then took another jab at 'baby registering' at Target with the girls. There are about 6 of us in our Sunday School class who are pregnant right now...crazy huh? God is blessing many families right now with these precious miracles! We then went over to Jennifer's, lounged, and talked about ...what else...PREGNANCY and all the details...you probably do not want to read about. Jennifer's due date is ironically 2 days before mine, so I have a feeling we'll become very close in these next 5 months and beyond. She too is having a boy! :) It was so nice just to be in the company of 'true' friends and Christian sisters. What a breath of fresh air. I later met back up with Forrest & Co. for an early dinner at Jason's Deli...another 'breath' of fresh air of Christian fellowship and no timetable. We of course headed to church this morning...it was almost like we had never left....and we were welcomed back by so many. God is blessing us all the time but especially with renewing our friendships with such amazing people here. What a first 48 hours back in Waco huh? Well, I better hit the hay...I have a BIG day tomorrow with my job interview at 3pm. Please pray for me if you remember...I'm of course nervous...but know it will work out how God wants it to. In that...I shall not worry!
Tomorrow's posting... I'll show you where we are living for the next couple of months and our dear friend that is allowing us to practically take over her home. What a blessing it is and perfect setup for us to call 'home' until we find a house of our own. She is a 'saint' for allowing all 4 of us to live with her. Bless you Kim...til then. Goodnight!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Update from the road...

Good morning friends & family! [Warming: no fun pics...b/c our computer is disabled at this time in the move] Some of you have been wondering what the heck we are up to and where the heck are we...so...I'll tell you. Since leaving Alabama a week ago today, we have been in Collierville, TN visiting my family. We made it safely in both vehicles with our stuff piled high in each vehicle and just enough room for Bella. :) We had walkie talkies (Forrest's idea) and had fun with that. We gave ourselves nicknames such as...Big Chief, Little Mama, and White Rider...I'll let you guess who was who! :) It was very fun and made the time pass by quickly.
While in Collierville, we finally saw our new nephew who was born on Thursday, May 24-- Logan Price Jones-- 8.5'ish lbs, brown hair, and blue eyes. Proud parents are my brother, Paul & his wife Amanda, and precious big sister, Abby. He's so sweet and doing very well. We have several pics of him but no capability to download them from a computer. We'll try very soon. Hold tight!
We trekked down to West Point, MS on Wednesday to see Forrest's side of the family. His sister, Ginger & our other niece and nephew, Caitlin & Patrick...are here visiting from Kentucky. Today, we venture along even further to Kosciusko, MS for a good friend's wedding on Saturday evening. Proud groom-to-be is Jim Gassaway, MSU Alumni and Famous Maroon Band Extordanaire. Forrest is a groomsmen and so is our good friend Charlie Lockhart, Famous Maroon Band player with Jim. So, we'll meet up with some of our best friends...Charlie & Candace here at the farm and head to Kosciusko for a wedding weekend! Candace & I were MSU Pom Squadder's together and she was a matron of honor in our wedding :) The trip should be fun ...as we share a hotel room together ...and enjoying the must ammenity of a swimming pool :) Do you know the most famous native of Kosciusko? It's Oprah Winfrey's birthplace & former home...we'll see if I'm successful in finding it! On Sunday, we'll travel back to West Point, MS and spend a few more days with his parents...then trek back to TN to see my family one more time & celebrate my niece, Abby's 3rd birthday...before hitting the long dusty trail to.... T-E-X-A-S!!
Yes, you read right...we are headed back to our former 'home' of Waco, TX. We'll be driving all day on Friday, June 9. Please pray for our safe travels of the something like 10 hr. journey. How we came to this decision??? Well, after much prayer and seeking other jobs for Forrest...his former school, Connally HS, seemed to be the 'open door.' We never really heard back, nor could get ahold of the MS school...so we are taking that has a 'thanks but no thanks' gesture. I had my phone interview with BAYLOR UNIVERSITY on Tuesday. It went very well I thought, and I made it to the next round 'committee' interviews sometime the week of June 11th. The 'reality' of all of this will set in soon I guess when we are driving the long distance to TX. It will be harder for me b/c I'm an emotional woman and have grown greatly attached to my niece, Abby, while being so geographically close. And with the baby coming it will be a challenge I'm sure to have family a great distance away and not be able to help out as much as they would probably like to. But as always, God will provide as He always has.
Prayer Requests: Please pray for our safe travels this week and next, our adjustment period[physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, & mentally] as we try to 'settle' back into being Wacoans before the baby arrives in 5 months, my job endevours, & Forrest's job finalization of getting back in the swing of things as a Cadet. Speaking of...I will be a full 20 weeks / 5 months pregnant tomorrow! Praise the Lord! I can hardly believe we have reached this point....but am very grateful. That's all for now...we'll try to post again soon...and have lots of pictures to show for it! :) We love you all & are so thankful for your love and prayers...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I decided to blog this post today, b/c I know I will not have time tomorrow to do it...so here are my end of the 'road' reflections in AL...

Today is our last FULL day in AL. I didn't think it would be emotional...but I can't help it...God made me this way to have a heart and to use it often. Despite all that has happened to us in the past couple of months, I look at the entire year as whole and choose to ALSO look at the positives. I am currently trying to finish F's Football 2006 scrapbook b/c I know if I don't finish it here...it might not ever get done :( There are so many great pictures and newspaper articles that commemorate the 'good times' we had here...and what a great season he/we had. [God called us here for a reason, met some AMAZING students and families, home improvement of the entire house this summer w/ quality time w/ our families, F's first head coach season-- restored pride to a football program and for sure a most memorable season for a special group of seniors, frequent road trips to Starkville for football games, weekend getaways to spend memorable moments with our families, an entire an entire 10 months of 'work vacation' for me...it felt so good and I'm so grateful to have had this down time, a great church-Clements Baptist- and pastor we found to bless us indeed and get us through this difficult time, a growing faith in our Sovereign God who cares about each step we take, many lessons learned, a stronger marriage, and last but not least ....our first born coming in October. :) We'll say our goodbyes at graduation tonight and then it's...goodbye probably forever this side of heaven...

I tried to find a song that fit perfectly with the end of this chapter in our lives...last year leaving Waco, TX it was "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts....this year...it seems to be "Home" by Christ Daughtry. As most of you have heard or seen this song performed on American Idol...it has become somewhat of a semi-theme song for our last weeks/ days in AL. We listen to it almost every day when F has to go clock out at work everyday at 3:10pm even though he is finished teaching at 1:20pm. [Too long of a story to share] Those of you who do know the story...I know you are rolling your eyes along with me right now. :) Those of you who know me...know I LOVE music and the lyrics especially that make up a song. Music is so powerful and moves me. This song is no exception. I don't know about you but I find myself listening to a song over and over again until I memorize it and then try to find a way to make it pertain to me and my life. Click it down on my playlist if you wish :)
So thank you Athens, thank you Clements...as the song says, I don't regret this life you gave to me.

Chris Daughtry

I'm staring out into the night
And trying to hide the pain
I'm going to the place where love and feeling good don't ever cost a thing
And the pain you feel is a different kind of pain
I'm going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been enough for me
I'm running from, you know I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life you chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old... So I'm going home
I'm going home
The miles are getting longer it seems
The closer I get to you....
I've not always been the best man and friend for you
But your love remains true and I don't know why
You always seem to give me another try
I'm going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been good enough for me
I'm running from you know I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life you chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all and then some you don't want
Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all
I'm going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been enough for me
And I'm running from.. you know I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life you chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
These places and these faces are getting old
I'm going home
I'm going home

PS-- I'll be sure to take more packing pics, but this was from yesterday afternoon...and poor Bella wanted to get in on the action so bad...well she 'ATTEMPTED' to jump in the truck...BAD NEWS...before I could help her she landed flat and hard on her back...poor puppy--glad she's so tough...that was quite a leap and distance to fall :(

What a bad momma I am!!

I can't believe we forgot Bella's birthday...it was Tuesday, May 22...she turned 2 years old! I thought I'd celebrate her by showing you pics of her the day/ weekend [July 4th weekend 2005] we got her in Pittsburgh, TX in a Wal-Mart parking lot near the Campbell's Lakehouse. Isn't she the most precious puppy you've ever seen? Uhhh...I wish we could go back and she'd be that small again for awhile. This is her first swim with dad...not sure she's diggin' the water. She was like any other baby...slept...ALOT! As you all know...we love her unconditionally and spoil her a little too much, but she's added so much to our life and been a good training tool for parenting. Love your dog today...and if you dont' have one...you should! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well friends and family...alas...it is the FINAL week in AL. Can you believe it? We sure can't! And with any 'big move,' there is sooooooo much to get done before now and Friday afternoon. But before we go there....let me back up to our weekend. I'll give you one guess where we went...b/c of course we always go somewhere! :) If you guessed Tennessee ...you are a winner! The MAIN reason we went was to give Colleen, a BFF of mine, a baby shower on Sunday. Colleen is due in mid-June with Baby Michael! Love you Colleenie! Hope you had a wonderful time too :) It was very fun to see old friends and catch up. The top picture is: Karen Fesmire, Maggie Fesmire, Colleen, and I. Karen & Maggie have been friends since I was in high school! I coached Maggie in youth cheerleading when she was in 1st grade...and now she is a junior in college---HOW OLD DO I FEEL? They are too sweet and will always be friends of ours. The 2nd pic is a new challenge for me and Colleen's shower gift from me...A DIAPER CAKE! I got the instructions off the internet...and it was fairly easy to make...so this is my new 'present' for expecting mothers. It is made up of about: 60 diapers, a baby shampoo bottle and a feeding bottle. Click above if you want the directions too! :) Forrest is such a sweet husband and helped me make the final 'tier.' :) While in town, we definitely found time to see Miss Abby, my almost 3 year old niece, ....who will be a BIG SISTER...on Thursday!!! :) It's hard to believe that my nephew will be here this week. Congratulations twin brother and Amanda! :) Abby is like her Aunt "E" and LOVES to swim...all the time, all day. So that's what we did! She's being silly here with her mom's sunglasses on...but very cute of course!

On Monday, we headed to Pontotoc, MS for Forrest to interview at SPHS...for the head coach position. We're just in the 'waiting game' at this point...should know something at the end of the week. Please pray for God's discernment for us and LOUD & CLEAR voice to let us know where HE wants us to move! Later, we raced home to make it to Bella's obedience lesson. Just a sneak peek of all the fun we have while there! :) Here is my 18 week pregnant self and Bella hauling it around the room. She's doing good and has her final lesson on Thursday!

So that is about it until tomorrow (ha). Also, on the job front and deciding factors...I just got a call today and got an interview for the Campus Visits Coordinator position at Baylor!! I am tentatively scheduled to phone interview on Tuesday am. Please pray for this opportunity as well. Obviously...we are keeping our options open between North MS and back to Waco. There are so many pros to both locations...but God hopefully will let us know soon. God is a movin' right now that's for sure! The moving truck comes tomorrow morning!!!! Pictures and posts to come...until then...be sure to tune in tonight to 'The Bachelor--After the Rose' tonight @ 7pm!! I can hardly wait :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

We're having a ....HE!!!!!!!!

Well....our Dr.'s visit yesterday went very good and we had a good time....trying to make sure we all were certain it's a little BOY! It's a little early to do the 'gender' ultrasound at 18 wks. when usually done around 20-22wks, but our doctor wanted me to come in one more time before we moved so...we thought we'd take our chances! The ultrasound tech was sweet and reassured me (since I couldn't really see the screen that well, nor the TV screen) that if it were a girl...it would NOT have the parts she was pointing out. Forrest was also 100% he saw the 'man parts' very clearly as well. Sooo I'm trusting them....you can see what you think and cast your vote...for all of you experienced 'ultrasound gender readers.' :) I was sooooo nervous going in there...just for the obvious reasons...and then they made us wait 30 mins. in the waiting room b/c they didn't have me down on the ultrasound list. Uhhh--not a big deal normally but once you have been told to fill up your bladder to capacity before you come...it's a little uncomfortable...but very worth it! The heart beat was strong at 149 bpm...and he even had his legs crossed 'indian style' at one point. We were both very excited just to see a healthy heartbeat and baby actively moving...but I saw Forrest 'pumping' his fist and doing jumping jacks over there in the corner :) He's thrilled to have a 'quarterback' in training! :)
A dear friend gave me this verse to trust in when anxious about the baby...from God's word...Psalm 22:9-10 "For you are He bringing me forth from the womb, Causing me to trust, On the breasts of my mother. 10. On Thee I have been cast from the womb, From the belly of my mother Thou are my God."
Thanks for your prayers all. We love and can't wait to share our 'miracle' God has given us with you.
Top Pic: Little guy turned toward us and waving ...how cute huh?

2nd Pic: Profile shot of him stretching out...she said he was really moving around so it was hard to get a still shot. Crazy thing is I can't feel him move yet!?!?

3rd Pic: An underneath shot of his rear...look closely near the 'arrow' :) I'm sure he'll love the fact I blogged this later in his life. Your vote?

4th Pic: Another underneath view of his rear...You be the judge!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on us....where will we end up next?

1st things 1st...I have a my last Dr.'s appt. today in Alabama. Kinda sad...since I've grown attached to this practice. They are very modern and friendly and thorough! Please pray if you remember to that all goes well and the baby is still healthy and that it cooperates and we'll see if it is a HE or SHE! The appt. is at 3:30pm...so hopefully I'll have something to post later this evening or in the morning :) We're sooooooooo excited! Thank you God for getting us this far...
2nd things 2nd... We have about 7 days left in AL! It's approached us quickly! We thought we had our plans somewhat lined out until yesterday. As you know...when it rains it pours. We went from 1 school in TX having an asst. position open to now a probable 2 schools...of friends of ours....along with 2 schools in MS having openings....one head job about 75 miles from Memphis and his folks...and the other job toward the coast of MS. Sooooooooooo....now there are several options to weigh and pray that God shows us the right door to walk through. I also applied for a job at Baylor...so we're waiting to hear if I get called to fly out for an interview. That for sure would be a 'weighty' factor in our decision making. So right now we are in limbo as to 'where the heck to move our stuff' or even put it to store...but we know God is always good, faithful, and SOVEREIGN. We ask for your prayers in God's timing of all of this and for 'finishing strong & well' here in AL. I know this next week will be challenging & emotionally charged for both of us with the 'spring game' today at CHS with a new coach...Senior Day tomorrow at CHS...and graduation next Thursday. Forrest still loves his students and players and I know will miss them and this chapter in our lives...but God has called us elsewhere and we truly have NO REGRETS for moving here, even if for a year, even with all that has happened. It has taught us much and we are better for it. I am thankful for the little/ big things...as to not pass over the fact that Forrest has gone to EVERY dr.'s appt with me this spring and would not have gotten to go to ONE if he were still coaching now. It was in God's plan...and how can we argue or question that? In Proverbs God's word says, "Many are the plans of a man's heart, but the Lord's purpose prevails." This is a verse Forrest and I claimed from the beginning of our marriage and still cling to. May it encourage us all to remember that our Lord has it all under control...and He has only a Plan A for us...there is no Plan B!

Bella's 2nd chance @ school...

Ok...so some of you have asked about Bella's 2nd attempt at school...so we are happy to report that it went really well! This was a private lesson with just us and the teacher. She did MUCH better...and they realized what a 'sweet' dog Bella is and can be. No blood this time (yippee!) :) They gave us some great tips on how to 'unspoil' her before the baby comes and how to make adjustments when the baby does arrive and is 'the baby' and not her. She is a smart dog, and we are trying to be diligent in our 'homework' each day with her. 2 more private lessons before we leave Athens next Friday! Stay tuned!


Well, lets catch up shall we! I have procrastinated this post b/c I don't have many fun pictures to show for it...but I do have one good one. What a GREAT, RELAXING weekend. Even though it's been 10 months...since I have worked...still feels surreal to me to have a weekend to myself...I still feel guilty and feel like I should be working....crazy I know! Forrest and I had another LONG weekend...with leaving AL on Friday after school and returning Monday afternoon, since he can afford taking Mondays off--why not right?
So we made our usual path to Collierville, TN to see my brother's family and then headed to my parents' 'barnyard.' They still are living in the barn loft and have a NICE stable as you can see...and finally have plans laid out to build a big house for all of their grandchildren and family...6 bedrooms! Who would have thunk it? We are just praying it's ready by Christmas...and if it's not...then oh well...we'll make it work. On SATURDAY...Mom, Forrest, and I trekked to Jackson, TN to see my maternal grandmother and had lunch with my aunt and uncle as well. It was a nice quick day trip for all. It's always good to see family you don't see too often. Saturday night, Forrest & I got to eat out at Macaroni Grill with my brother's family...Abby included! :) SUNDAY..was of course Mother's Day...and enjoyed by all.
I JUST LOVE GOD MOMENTS DON'T YOU? So we were at church in Germantown and they played not 1 but 2 songs that our church in Waco sang in a musical a couple of years ago, when I was in the choir. Now, these are not very common songs that you hear often at church or in worship...they are specific to a certain musical that a guy in Waco wrote. So cool to me! That's when you realize that God is everywhere and is able to connect us all together as one body in Christ no matter the distance. And a fun moment in the service where the pastor honored all the moms, even pregnant ones, to please stand and be recognized. :) It was a special moment for us. We then came back to my parents house and ate "Mother's Day Lunch" and as you can see from the picture...Abby needed to show us what a big girl she is at almost 3 years old and fed my dad's horses....so cute! Also in the picture is my twin brother and his wife (mother of Abby) and mother of soon to be nephew , arriving any day now....my paternal grandmother, and my mom.
So...later Sunday I went over to Abby's house to swim in her baby pool (you know the plastic ones we all used to have). Very fun time with her...as she stressed the importance of sunscreen to me! I know I did not know this much at almost 3 years of age. I guess that about wraps it up...and tomorrow we leave again for Memphis...where do the weeks go huh? :) I'm helping throw a baby shower for my sweet friend Colleen on Sunday...so we are looking forward to another weekend with my fam and friends. Ya'll all have a great weekend! :)